EveRy DaY iS DOnG baNG dAy!!!

Permanently living in dongbangland!!!

Ethel Inarú
19 May 1989
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Hi!! I love Dong bang shin ki!! I m not a writer so I just read... Im new in this world!!!
hehehehehehe so I will try to get more and more into it everyday!! mmm I'm from Puerto Rico. I Speak Spanish as my native language, English my 2nd language, Some french, a little bit mandarin Chinese and soon to learn korean :D
I love making friends and talking so Just talk with me if you want to!!! I joined livejournal cause I was looking for DBSK fanfics lol! I do not write them cuz I majorly suck! I wrote one (a Harry Potter one LOL) but couldnt finish! lol I had the idea but it didnt come out well so I guess I'll just keep reading! well thanx to all of you that befriend me and talk to me... take care!!!

"You know that we are living in a dbsk world and I am a dbsk girl." hehehehe

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